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Children today need to master the unique 21st Century skills in order to succeed at work and in life.  Parenting Coach Sandy will teach you, as a parent, the best way to develop and excel these skills in your children.

Children today also need to develop a well-balanced and healthy social and emotional wellbeing.  Coach Sandy’s talks and workshops will give insights and guide parents as to how to find that healthy balance in their children.  

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Sandy Sinn-Hussey


Sandy Sinn-Hussey has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degrees in Special Needs Education and Creative Writing. She has also recently completed the Foundation of Positive Psychology online course offered by University of Pennsylvania. 

She is a mother of three, a blogger on parenting and positive psychology, a creative writing teacher, a parent and teen coach.  Her 26 years of parenting and lessons learned give her the wealth of experiences to share with fellow parents.  Sandy strongly believes life is meant to be rocky and challenging as they are here to make us stronger and better.  Her coaching infuse the importance of living a well balanced life by having a positive attitude toward whatever life presents to us.  

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Calling out for Autism Awareness (Part 1)

Autism was not a disorder that was well researched or studied until the 80s. No one really knows what autism was, let alone the cause. My brother was born in 1966 and he looked no difference from the rest of us. He was cute just like any other child; he had a well...

My Relationship Spotlight (Part 4)

Growing up in my mother’s absence   Unlike so many children these days, I didn’t get to fly home three or four times a year when I was in boarding school in England. Nor did I have my parents visiting me at exit weekends, parents’ weekends and etc. Indeed, I was...

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Last night, we took our 12 year old son to the Geelong Grammar School’s information session. I believe most of the parents were attracted to the school because of the Year 9 Timbertop program whereby all students are required to live a rustic camplike life, requiring...

My Relationship Spotlight (Part 3)

The woman I grew to respect The woman I craved to become The woman whose power and confidence I fell in love with ..   Is the same woman whom I called ‘Principal’, Is the same woman whom I looked for approval all my life Is the same woman whom I called ‘Mother’....

My Relationship Spotlight (Part 2)

My recollections of my mother is all based on the time before I left home for boarding school and moreover, my perspective of who she is, is also based on my own observations and limited encounters with her over the subsequent years.   In my eyes, my mother is in...

Celebrating International Women Day on March 8, 2019: A Letter to Our Children

To our sons: Everytime you ask why…. Everytime you wonder who….. Everytime you question how….. The answer will always be the same…...Thank God for creating women.   To our daughters: No matter what it takes, stay on course No matter who said what about whom,...

My Relationship Spotlight (Part 1)

Who am I? We all think to some degree that we know who we are. Why am I the way that I am? We also think to some degree that people around us partly made up who we are. Relationship is one of the 5 elements in the theory of happiness according to Dr Seligman, founder...

Not All Heros Wear Capes

The world has changed ...  well, that is an understatement.  This generation of children are not the same as before, equally true.  Change however is both inevitable as well as good. We grow because we embrace change, we change because we know it brings us into new...

Ambivalence: Torn in Two – Part 1

There is no doubt that the birth of a child is one of the most traumatic experiences for women, both physically and emotionally. However, for most women, we could barely recount the whole ordeal in the operating room or the delivery room as soon as the midwife had...


「溫故而知新,可以為師矣。」   孔子曾經說過:「三思而後行」我一直都對那句話有深深的疑問,直到那次,我終於明白到它的意思。我因心急和衝動,一時失去理智,沒有把事情想清楚再作決定,結果就是我自作自受…… 記得那次,我和班中一羣男生,為了一些無聊的小事,我們討論了整個小息,不但得不到結論,反而令大家心裏存着芥蒂。我們都帶着這種不安的心情回家去。雖然我知道,只要我們大家讓一讓,忍一忍,這件事就不會變成一件大事,但我卻做不到。...


Auntie Sandy is a really different kind of teacher.  She seems to truly understand me, and teaches me in a way that i feel confident and eager to learn more. It’s more than being a teacher, it’s like having someone you trust listening to you…..

Natalie C, Student, Hong Kong


I attended the Parenting Workshop on Teens and Technology. Given that I have two teens of my own, so much of what she said really hit the mark ! I felt that finally, someone was dealing with a matter that is so relevant. Her suggested remedies and coping strategies were so impactful, and seemed so obvious after she told us. Anyone with a teen should sign-up for this course, it is so heartening that we are not alone, and together we can get through this difficult period.

Audrey S, Lawyer and Parent, Hong Kong


Sandy was so helpful giving me guidance as to how to prepare my child for a top university, by laying out the roadmap of options regarding Extra Curricular Activities, Essay topics and what Service choices to aim for. She explained and guided me as to what college admission officers are looking for, so I could refine with her help, my application. I am off to a top US University this fall, and really wanted to say thank you to her ….. ?


Catherine Z, 3rd level Student, China


I am delighted I entrusted my son to Sandy’s care, as his creative writing and English capability have come on in leaps and bounds. She customized a course for him, reflecting everything from literature, daily living, and even Museum visits to broaden his horizon. He has become so independent and mature since he started this course, i am so grateful for this holistic and caring curriculum that has brought so many benefits ………. “

M.G. Lin, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong / China