About Us

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The best way to describe myself would be as follows:  I am a mother, a wife, an educator, a writer-in-progress and a lifelong learner.

I am a full-time mother – spending the last 26 years not only as a caretaker but as a teacher, driver, tour guide and a tennis and fitness coach to my three children.  None of my children go or have gone to tutoring centers, I have always fulfilled that role. None of them take the school bus, I am their driver. When we travel around the world, I am their tour guide.  We are a family of athletes and I am their personal coach. I love my full time job as a mother because to me, parenting is a lifelong career and the pay-off is far better than any highly paid corporate career.

I am an educator – spending the last 15 years as a distance learner, one after another, I had earned a Bachelors and two Masters degrees in the fields of psychology and education.  I am an advocate of lifelong learning, to me learning has no limits as to age or time spent. I graduated from my MFA in Creative Writing when I was 49 years old. I am currently working toward my professional development in Positive Psychology with the School of Positive Psychology (TSPP).  I truly believe as long as we have the desire and curiosity to learn, to ask question and understand how learned knowledge can transform and inspire lives, nothing should stop us. I am planning to do my Phd in the next few years and I will reach an age that would qualify me as a grandmother.

I am a writer-in-progress – I have always loved the written word and I also believe everyone has a story or two inside them to tell.  I took the plunge to return to school when I was in my late 40s so I can learn the trade of being a writer. Writing is a therapy and is a way for me to express my creativity through my storytelling.  I also believe stories change lives, inspire generations and bring hope to others. I am now working on my memoirs and a novel about a young girl’s struggle with racism.

I am a parenting and teen coach –  Throughout my 26 years of motherhood, not only am I my children’s teacher and mentor but to their friends as well.  My passion for teaching and mentoring young people grows over the years and I believe my wealth of experiences and lesson learned in raising my own children is an asset to fellow parents.  My positive parenting and teens workshops are all around the theory of positive psychology. I am here to walk the walk with parents and teens to guide them to find their character strengths and how best to infuse these strengths in their live so they can live a purposeful driven life.  True happiness comes NOT from any material goods but finding that peace and balance within.


Postgraduate Diploma in Positive Psychology – The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore – in progress

Foundation of Positive Psychology at Coursera

Master of Fine Arts – Creative Writing at City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Master of Education – Special Need Education at Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Science – Applied Psychology at University of Southern Queensland, Australia

TEFL – Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages at BridgeTEFL

Mediation Training Course at Global Mediation Services Ltd

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) at LivingWorks Education

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