Private Coaching

Coach Sandy knows that each family is unique and so are their issues at hand.  Her private coaching is designed specifically to help each individual family with the identified areas of which they need help with.  Some of the identified areas could be: Managing life at home; Sibling rivalry, Transition from primary to secondary school; Family relocating to Hong Kong; Looking for schools;  as well as Social and emotional issues (such as school bullying).


After the initial consultation with the parents, Coach Sandy will then derive an Individual Family Program Plan (IFPP) for each family.   Parents will meet with Coach Sandy on a weekly basis to firstly learn how to implement the IFPP into their family life and secondly to have the support from Coach Sandy along the way.  

Areas of Private Coaching

Managing Life At Home

Working parents have to struggle constantly finding the balance between work and home.  Coach Sandy will help parents, especially working parents to find that balance by creating schedule, to-do-list and practical ways to manage chores and establish quality family time.


Family with children with SEN

The kind of support family with children with SEN needs the most are numerous.  Parents are overwhelmed by their children’s learning difficulty because they don’t have the right skills to help their children.  Coach Sandy will derive a family plan (IFPP) that would address the individual and particular areas of needs for the family and provide the continuous support both by teaching the parents the necessary skills, implementing the necessary plan into their child’s day to day life schedule.

Education Consultancy

Local school or International school?  Relocating to or back to Hong Kong? How to begin the search for schools in Hong Kong for families overseas.  Coach Sandy will help family in the entire process from identifying the schools, applying to these schools and following up on all the steps to completion.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

In recent years, it is alarming to all parents that there are many cases of social and emotional issues in children and adolescents.  Anxiety, depression and suicidal attempts are all issues that young people in this generation are facing. Coach Sandy is here to help these children and adolescents as well as their parents how to cope or better how to prevent these emotional imbalances.

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