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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.16.1″ text_font=”||||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”17px” text_line_height=”1.5em” text_orientation=”justified” custom_margin=”|60px||60px”]Coach Sandy is passionate about sharing her rich experience & many lessons learned over the years of her parenting journey.  She has a diverse, personal background as a result of being educated both in the UK and in the US prior to returning home to Hong Kong. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology and Education give her the professional insights to talk extensively about the social and emotional well-being aspect in a child’s development. Furthermore,  her understanding of multiculturalism and raising children in a diverse city such as Hong Kong gives a particular edge to her talks on topics such as raising bilingual and third culture children.
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Another unique aspect to Sandy’s parenting experience is the big gap between her first 2 children and her youngest, as it gives her the advantage of experience gained from parenting both the Millennial generation as well as the Igen generation.  She has in-depth insights into these two generations allowing her to impart to her audiences during her talks, about the challenges in raising adult children as well as young children.

Sandy brings her compassionate and empathetic nature to her talks, complementing her public speaking skills. Being a natural at story-telling, she is able to connect with the audience as she weaves a story out of each topic, making a rich tapestry of examples and valuable take-home suggestions for each participant.  Here are some of Sandy’s topics of her talks:

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Speaking Topics

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Hong Kong is a perfect place for our children to cultivate and master the rich opportunity  of learning multiple languages. By sharing Coach Sandy’s own experience in raising her young son (half-Irish and half Chinese), you will learn many insights and practical tips on how to raise our children to be truly bilingual.  It is possible if we know how!


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Coach Sandy’s bachelors degree in Psychology and continued further education on the topic of the social and emotional well-being for children and adolescents give her the knowledge to share with her audiences,  the importance of raising our children from a young age to cultivate a positive social and emotional aspect of their lives. As a mother and an educator, Coach Sandy strongly believes that while academic achievement is never going to be out of the picture, parents must not lose sight of the equally important (if not more) of how social and emotional well-being can have a long-term effect on our children and adolescents. In the era of Social Media ( where the negative side brings cyber-bullying and access to inappropriate material ), the need for this balance has never been more significant.  Her personal experience of her two older children who went through the International School system versus her youngest son who went through the local school system allows her to talk extensively as to the pros and cons of both education systems and how parents can find the balance between academic excellence and social and emotional well-being.

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Coach Sandy’s first-hand experiences with her youngest son,  (who is born to this new generation called, ‘I-gen’) will give you the insights into what this ‘I-gen’ truly means and how parents need to learn to embrace this swiftly evolving and growing technology and be educated about this new generation.  Let’s be savvy at technology like our children!


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Sandy’s masters degree in Special Education Needs gives her the leading edge in sharing with her audiences, the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention for children with learning difficulties.  Her personal experiences with her brother with autism as well as her niece will give her audiences the most intimate and personal insights as to the many challenges in raising a special needs child in a family.  Her active role in the SEN educators forum allows her to share with her audiences the most updated information and developments and what are the best ways to help our children with special needs. Learning difficulty is treatable and it is possible to find a better life for our children.


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Sandy Sinn-Hussey

Motherhood has been a long journey for me. Being a single mother for twelve years, I have learned the importance of mother and child's relationship. Raising children is a lifelong career and require patience, perseverance and love.